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A Cauliflower Trick

I’m not sure where I picked up this helpful hint, but I kinda love it. Cauliflower will supposedly turn green with too much exposure to sunlight. I harvested my first head– 14 oz!! yesterday from the early planting. But before … Continue reading

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What is Homesteading?

Recently, more “homesteading bloggers” have been finding my blog. I am pretty sure it was the addition of “backyard chickens” to my entries. A few days ago I read an entry by a young Canadian blogger I really like at … Continue reading

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Something New

There is a feeling of something new around here. I can’t quite explain it, but I’m just feeling like something new is happening. It’s a strange feeling for fall! It has a lot to do with the arrival of the … Continue reading

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Carrot Top Pesto

My friends are starting to get their first shares from their CSAs and, I have to say, it’s humbling. These CSA farmers are not messing around. My friends, living in Illinois and Michigan, are getting boxes full of wildly diverse … Continue reading

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Cold Frame Goodness

I know last year, the first year I had a cold frame, my husband felt a bit cheated when I asked that he come help me lift it off the raised bed in late May. “That’s it?” “It’s done its job. … Continue reading

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Urban Gardening

Anyone who gets organic garden magazines has been subjected to the “garden porn” of California raised beds overflowing with herbs and vegetables and other gardens at their peak. The false sense they convey is that if everyone did this, we … Continue reading

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